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A passtime many don’t seem to participate in. Oh sure, everyone thinks, what’ll be on TV tonight, what’s for dinner, what excitement will the weekend hold; but that’s not the kind of thinking I’m talking about. I’m talking about action thinking. Thinking that leads you to, or helps you focus on actions that increase knowledge and helps you progress.

Action Thinking is a discipline

It takes drive and determination to act on goals and improve performance that leads to success. Keeping a desire to grow at the forefront of your mind is imperative if you truly wish to succeed in business or life. We really are what we think. If we think it, we will become it.

What to Think about?

Here is a list of some of the things I think about every day as I sit at my desk and help others grow their businesses:

  • How did I better myself today?
  • How can I serve better?
  • Have I learned something new today?
  • How is my attitude today?
  • How can I help my customers profit by the use my products?
  • Why are my customers loyal?
  • What can I do today that will help me earn more loyalty and trust?

This is just a short list of thoughts. Many of them are written and hung around my office. This helps remind me that growth requires action and my success weighs heavily on whether or not I’m complacent or proactive. Even if my body isn’t always moving, my mind is. I strive everyday to turn thoughts into actions. What are you thinking about during the day?

Two key tips for better Action Thinking

1. Make the time to do it – Set time aside to really think about how you want to grow, what you want to be, how you can improve what you do now; even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day set this time aside.

2. Keep a notebook, smart phone, or any other recording device  handy – Thoughts come at the strangest times. Have a way to record them.

Take the time to think, actively, and then take the time to turn thoughts into actions. It’ll chance your life.

Image: Success from the Nest – One of my favorite blogs. Wish Tony was still writing it.


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