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Sales Prospecting

A dreaded thing for many a sales person. Why? Does it need to be? I think not.

The Problem

Too many sales people view prospecting as work. I once read a fellows definition of work, “Anything you do when you’d rather be doing something else.” Can’t remember where I read it, but it stuck with me. Why? BAD ATTITUDE!

There are Other Ways

If your attitude stinks, what do you think will happen during your day? Will it be a good day, or a bad one? We often decide what our day will be like before it even starts. What to do? Change your view.

Quit Working

Quit working? That’s right, quit it! Now I didn’t say quit your job, but I am saying stop working. If you think sales prospecting is something you do when you’d rather be doing something else, you’re forgetting why you’re in sales in the first place; to help people.

Find the Joy

Sales prospecting should be fun! It should be exciting! It should be helpful! It’s about people. Will you sell everyone you talk to? No. But does that mean you need to get down in the dumps because a sale didn’t happen or someone was rude? Did you enjoy the interaction? You won’t always, but many times you will. Did you learn something? Did you laugh? See where I’m going? Sales will come naturally to you if you’re honest, likable, compassionate, and you put others first. Genuine interaction will lead to this if a true need is there. So relax. Have fun. Don’t take the process of sales prospecting so seriously. Look to build a collection of relationships instead of a collection of notches on your bed post. View it as a time to meet people, interact with them, and get to know them. Make prospecting a hobby. Something you do for fun, not work.

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