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These past few weeks, when I’ve had the time, I’ve been refreshing myself on presenting; one of my favorite subjects. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled, It’s Not About the Slides. It focused mainly on what not to do when presenting; particularly when it comes to presenting with Power Point. Today I came across a great YouTube video of Garr Reynolds teaching a presentation class at Google on Six Pixels of Separation. It’s long (just over an hour), but it is packed with great information.

One of my favorite points Garr made was if we open our eyes, we’ll see great examples of slides (or marketing, or color schemes and so on) all around us. Look at bill board ads, magazine ads, signs in shops and restaurants. The examples are many! When you see good examples of advertising, take a moment and make note of it. Write it down or take a picture if you have a camera on your cell phone, then build a file. These examples will prove invaluable when you design that next ad or presentation.

When you get a chance, take some time and watch Garr’s presentation. He goes over many of the points in his book, Presentation Zen. Just remember, it’s long!


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